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Our Services

State of the art drones and drone enabled services for Aerial land surveys, Aerial mapping and Surveillance.

Aerial Surveys

Our UAV survey and GIS services, like DSM (Digital Surface Model) and DEM (Digital Elevation Model) help clients solve a multitude of problems, using new data on-hand that has never been available before.

Data Intelligence

Data analytics to create smart intelligence from the survey and inspection data gathered using drones/UAVs.

Custom Drones

We design and manufacture custom drones with custom payloads like thermal cameras, multispectral cameras and LIDARs, for the survey and inspection industries.

Industries We Work In

drones farming

Precision Agriculture

India's ever growing population demands that our agricultural land produce more and more food every year.
This means our farmers must constantly innovate and practice smart, precision agriculture.

We help the farmers increase yields and their revenue using drones and data analytics.

Drone construction

Estate & Natural Resource Management

Monitoring real estate using drones and helping plan new projects and maintaining existing infrastructure.
We work with Architectural firms, Construction companies, and Government agencies.

Bridge inspection

Surveillance & Inspections

Cutting edge sensors and data analysis helping detect anomalies and items of interest in various industries like Critical Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Solar fields and Forest lands.

Our Clients

Government of India
Architectural Firms
Real estate apartment
Real Estate Developers


What can our drones do for you?

If you are a farmer, our drones can help assess the health of your farm and help you address problems before they affect your yield.

If you are in construction or law enforcement, our drones can map your projects, monitor progress, and report critical parameters on an ongoing basis.

If you are in Estate Management, we can help you manage your real estate, help you keep a track of changes over time and help you plan future development.

Estate Management

we don't just collect data

Smart data. Smart solutions.

Your data is the key. 

But it is one thing to collect the data. 

It is a whole different thing to create action from your data.

We create an action plan that saves you cost, saves you damage and saves you time.

+ 50 %
+ 70 %
- 45 %

Results for you

Case studies

We have conducted aerial surveys across many industries.

On the left is a health map from a survey of a farm using drones.

This survey was done on a corn farm in the middle of the growing season.

See the difference in colours across the field? This is how clearly we can show the variation in the health of the crop.

The farm owner could not see this with the naked eye when he surveyed the farm on his tractor and on foot.

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We are located in Chandigarh, India but we serve clients all over India and overseas.

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Atamjeet Walia 
B.Tech, M.Tech (c), P.Eng

Founder and CEO

Leading with a vision on not what things are, but what they can be. 

Strong believer in connecting the dots.

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